Five Insider Betting Techniques Which make You A Winner

Five Insider Betting Techniques Which make You A Winner

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I'll Have Another is set to make his way into the books of history with his first Triple Crown title in 34 years. But while all attention is on the potential Triple Crown thoroughbred, we're changing our focus to help you bet smarter a win in the Belmont Stakes.

Here are our top five secrets to winning at the Belmont Stakes:

#1: The dropped line rule

If you're getting closer to post time. If you notice that the odds for a particular horse are dropping more quickly than an New York minute, it's time to pay attention. This could be a significant sign that those who are aware are anticipating to see something huge from the horse; when the word out from the backside indicates that horses' breeze has broken the clock on the training track, professional handicappers are likely to bet heavily on that horse, and you might want to too.

#2: The speed-post improvement secret

Find a horse who did not just show quick speed in his last race, but also held his position throughout the first two starts. If that horse has moved more close to the rail (improving his post position) and has risen in class and has lower odds than his post time odds for the last race, you may want to focus your attention on that horse.

#3: The sole speed rule

Find the horse that has the fastest speed in a race full of closers and you're good to go. If there are a few speed horses, even better; because these will usually tire out down the home stretch, while your horse still is running strong and likely finish ahead of the pack.

#4 The up and down pattern rule

If you see a horse who started strongly, then lost a bit of ground and then came back at the end to gain or improve his position in its past performances, you may consider keeping an watch on this horse as they tend to come back to run strong and might be worth betting on. It's likely that the horse ran into some trouble in the betflik race, but he was strong enough to push through. Be sure to ensure that you don't let him down because the competition grew tired.

#5: The talking horse?

Your horse is trying to tell you something. No, they can't speak like Mister Ed, but their body language and demeanor speaks volumes. A calm horse will see his ears twitch in response to noises while an angry horse will pin his ears on his head. A nervous horse is nervous , sensitive to touch.

You should avoid a horse that has droopy ears. They're tired. Put your money on another horse. Same goes for a horse with his tail between his legs as he is saddled. This means that he's probably scared of something.

In the end, it's important to observe how a horse moves. Bet on horses with huge, athletic walks. It could result in huge cash payouts, which are healthy and steady.

Here are five insider horse betting strategies to bring you to the winning circle.

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